Love Feast – A Culture of Love
Love Feast – A Culture of Love

The Ekumfi District Assembly held a Valentine's Day seminar for its employees. The seminar was held in the conference hall, and the theme was "Your Relationships with Your Coworkers."


The main speaker was the District Chief Executive, who was supported by the Human Resources, Principal Executive Officer, and Social Welfare Officer. The seminar aimed to improve the work environment and foster better relationships among staff members.

Several key issues were addressed by the speakers, including effective communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, and mutual respect. They emphasized the importance of staff members working harmoniously together and respecting each other's opinions and ideas.  


The speakers also emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, encouraging collaboration, and cultivating an inclusive and diverse culture. They shared helpful hints and strategies for developing strong and productive relationships with coworkers.

Aside from the main seminar, the event included several side attractions, such as pick and act charades, which allowed staff members to bond and socialize. The event was a huge success, and the organizers' efforts in creating an engaging and informative seminar were greatly appreciated by the staff members.


The speakers shared valuable insights and practical tips for improving workplace relationships. The side attractions also added a fun element and contributed to the overall relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.