Ekumfi District Assembly Holds Successful Staff Durbar
Ekumfi District Assembly Holds Successful Staff Durbar
The Ekumfi District Assembly held a staff durbar at the conference hall Friday, February 10th, 2023, which was attended by employees and officials. The meeting was held to discuss a variety of issues, including the status of ongoing projects, administrative concerns, and staff members' well-being.


Mr. Ebenezer Monney, the District Chief Executive (DCE), led the durbar and provided an update on the district's current state as well as efforts to improve infrastructure and social services. Mr. Monney emphasized the value of collaboration and encouraged staff members to collaborate to accomplish set objectives  

Furthermore, the DCE addressed staff members' concerns, which ranged from logistical issues to bureaucratic challenges. He promised to address these concerns as as quickly as possible and to put in place measures to ensure the district's operations run smoothly.  


Presentations from various departmental/Unit heads provided updates on ongoing projects and initiatives at the staff durbar. This included status updates on the establishment of a new market.  


Employees were able to engage in open dialogue with management, share their concerns, and propose solutions to existing problems at the event. Employees expressed gratitude for the event, and many felt their voices were heard.


The DCE thanked staff members for their dedication and commitment to the district in his closing remarks, and reaffirmed the assembly's commitment to providing an enabling work environment. He encouraged employees to keep working hard and assured them that their efforts would not go unnoticed.