Ekumfi District Assembly organizes clean-up exercise at the District Health Centre
Ekumfi District Assembly organizes clean-up exercise at the District Health Centre
In order to address local environmental sanitation challenges, the assembly arranged a clean-up activity at the Essuahyia Health Centre and its surroundings on the 20th December, 2022.  

It is crucial that the Essuahyia Health Centre is kept clean in order to avoid the transmission of infections and ailments to the inhabitants of the Ekumfi District who depend on it as a vital healthcare facility. Inappropriate garbage disposal and overgrown weeds are just a few of the sanitary issues that have plagued the neighborhood. In addition to endangering the personnel and patients' health, these issues also detract from the area's beauty.  


Speaking at the conclusion of the activity, Mr. Ebenezer Monney, the Chief Executive of the Ekumfi District, underlined the value of a clean environment in encouraging excellent health and well-being. He also praised the efforts of the numerous participants who made the exercise successful and advised them to keep up good environmental sanitation practices.  


A step in the right direction toward creating a better and healthier environment for the residents of the Ekumfi District is the cleanup effort at the Ekumfi Health Centre and its surroundings. It is admirable that the District Assembly has taken the lead in tackling the environmental sanitation issues in the region and has included a variety of stakeholders in the process.   Additionally, it's crucial to preserve the benefits of the exercise by making sure that the personnel and patients continue to practice appropriate environmental sanitation.


The community should continue to be educated by the Ekumfi District Assembly on the value of maintaining a clean environment and the risks associated with improper sanitation procedures.  

In conclusion, the clean-up effort by the Ekumfi District Assembly at the Essuahyia Health Centre and its surroundings is a commendable attempt to promote excellent environmental sanitation practices and enhance the general well-being of the district's residents. It serves as a reminder that everyone has a role to play in preserving a clean and healthy environment, and that cooperation is essential if we are to succeed.